Our Services

What we provide

IT-Moonlighters provides you access to our Engineers on a per month fixed rate.  Our engineers will support your infrastructure via remote access to your network, servers and desktops.  Our engineers are available 24×7 to respond to your emails or texts with rapid response.  On-site support can also be provided in a monthly contract, allowing you to count on having someone on-site when needed.   Outside of the purchase of software, licenses or hardware, your monthly fee will remain the same regardless of how many times you reach out to us for assistance.  No longer do you need to worry that asking a question or making an IT request will result in an expensive invoice!

Onboarding and Setup Fee

Our monthly rates are based on several factors and require an on-site evaluation to determine what needs you may have before we can provide a quote.  Based on your existing IT infrastructure, we may recommend changes or upgrades that we believe should be performed before we can provide monthly services.  All equipment (switches, firewalls, desktops, servers, etc.) needs to have some form of connectivity for remote access.  This review would determine your onboarding fee.  This fee is a one-time charge based on the work needed to get your IT infrastructure where it needs to be for us to support you effectively and to install remote access software on the required devices.  IT-Moonlighter utilizes ScreenConnect for our remote access.

Our requirement for upgrades or changes is due to the fact that providing a fixed rate means that we need to make sure your systems are able to be properly supported via remote.  Items such as centrally managed Anti-virus, deep inspection firewalls, backup and restore software/hardware and equipment (server/desktops) that is relatively up to date is a requirement.

Our Monthly Fee

IT-Moonlighters can provide services at any level.  Maybe you only want someone to monitor your backups and make sure you can recover when needed.  Maybe you need someone to perform regular patching of servers or day to day assistance such as desktop support, user management, email server monitoring and so forth.  Depending on your needs and the size of your company, we will provide a fixed rate for the services requested.

Contract Engineers

IT-Moonlighters engineers are available for contract support for larger businesses on short notice for a minimum duration for 30 days.  After the initial 30 days, engineers can continue to provide remote workforce services until you deem they are no longer needed.