Our History

IT-Moonlighters was born over 20 years ago under the idea that IT Services could almost exclusively be perform via a remote.  Back then, businesses believed that having an on-site IT worker was the only way to be able to address their needs properly. The world has slowly come around to the remote workforce and IT-Moonlighters continues to perform remote and on-site IT support for both small and large businesses.

Who performs the IT Support at a Small Business?

Most smaller companies simply can’t afford to hire a full time IT person with the skills needed to support their operation, its simply too expensive.  Because of this, the duty falls to the one person in the office that knows a little something about computers!  This leaves smaller companies without the resources needed to properly plan, deploy and manage their IT needs.  With IT-Moonlighters, you have access to multiple skilled IT engineers, responsible for managing your IT infrastructure via this dedicated remote workforce.  Working alongside your on-site people, IT-Moonlighters engineers will provide daily support, perform upgrade, respond to queries and assist in managing the overall health of your IT systems.

What services does IT-Moonlighters provide for Large Businesses?

There are times when additional remote workers are needed with a short lead time and for a short duration.  IT-Moonlighters engineers can be available on as little as 24hr notice for durations as short as 30 days.  This can assist larger businesses with a way to resolve worker shortages quickly and without the longer commitment that standard contract employees may require.  IT-Moonlighter can provide additional remote workforce employees for larger businesses on a month-to-month basis, giving larger businesses the flexibility to bring on our talented IT engineers quickly and for almost any duration required.